house ghost 16x9

House Ghost

Design by Jessica Creane & Jason Morningstar

Every house has a ghost. Get to know yours in this totally normal, solo RPG.

It’s perfectly natural to desire to communicate with your household ghost. There’s nothing “wrong” or “deviant” about forming a connection across the spirit realm, and the insight and wisdom your ghost can provide may be delightful, exciting – or even life-changing. Ghost communication is not difficult, but it does require focus, intention and good will. A typical communication session will last half an hour or so.

Spectral communication is an intimate, one-on-one activity between one person and one ghost, but most ghosts are gregarious and enjoy contact with different people. Anybody in your household can communicate with your household ghost at any time but the ghost will always have a message for you individually. Ghosts are multifaceted beings and may reveal different aspects of themselves to different members of the household. You may be surprised!

Once you have made contact, you will find that ghost communication is a light, pleasant experience. 

House ghosts are invariably gentle and kind. 

You have nothing to fear.

  • RPG 
  • 1+ Players 
  • 30 minutes
  • Includes a 17 page PDF in full color

“This game is wonderful…highly highly recommend House Ghost for people who like short, self-contained, HIGHLY imaginative solo game experiences that blend your reality with the in-game fiction”

– Jeeyon Shim, Games that Face the World

Listen to Jason and Jessica talk about the game on SoundCloud.

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