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We imagine and create interactive experiences for seriously curious people.

play/s n.

  1. Playable, immersive experiences that level up our lives. 

Our Work

Games for the gutsy.

"Imagine a TED Talk that turns into an interactive adventure… that dares [audiences] to leave their comfort zone."

~ The New York Times

An immersive, interactive, and *highly* metaphysical philosophy salon.

A Seriously Playful Approach

Play-Based Design

From ideation to implementation, we work with curious, high-vision folks to create playful, purpose driven work. 

For a glimpse of playful practice in action, check out IKantKoan founder Jessica Creane’s TEDx talk on Embracing Uncertainty through Play.


Design, Play and Process Blog

Ten Slow Laps

I haven’t read or practiced Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way but I’ve heard about it from a ton ...
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Muppet Theory

Muppet Theory Someone close to me shook me to the core this week. It started as a casual ...
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Toddler Creation Hour

There is a moment when we are each ready to create. For me, that moment presents itself like ...
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Tabletop Games Denouement

As the Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said (allegedly), ‘change is constant.’ Theater makers track change through story arcs ...
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This post is a counter-point to the last where I talked about my evolving relationship to procrastination. This ...
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I wrote the talks for the last three conferences I’ve spoken at the night before the talk. Sometimes ...
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Rules Sheets Need A Revamp

Every group of tabletop game players needs a Rules Person. Exactly. One. One person who loves reading the ...
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Emotions Are Metrics

I’ve spent the last year and a half reading a *lot* of books about business and entrepreneurship, listening ...
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Songbirds Sing Because They’re Alive

“Songbirds don’t sing to be the most accomplished songbird. They sing because it’s an innate thing that songbirds ...
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On Sensitivity

The last thing I remember before blacking out was taking a sip of water and thinking “huh, I’m ...
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“Just Make A Game About It”

Sometimes, when I express frustration that I’m not able to figure something in my life out, a friend ...
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Art is a Gremlin, but it’s YOUR Gremlin

You have to show up for your art. It will pout if you don’t. Your art wants to ...
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A grad school professor of mine once related some wisdom to our class: “every artist has a certain ...
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Vulnerability in Practice

I listened to a podcast recently in which the guest, a visual artist, was saying that it is ...
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Ghost Brain

Today's post is for everyone with a backlog of creative projects a solar system wide and a galaxy ...
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L’appel du vide

L’appel du vide is a French phrase for ‘the call of the void.’ It refers, literally, to the ...
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Perfection Worship

“In the course of a two-week run of CHAOS THEORY, I will surely hit a perfect performance.” I ...
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The Art of Rest

Doing things is important. I am a big fan of doing. But on the flip side of the ...
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New Year’s Resolutions: Your Own, Personal Interactive Experience

What to expect from this post Analysis of new year’s resolutions as interactive experiencesA narrative journeyAn unlikely case ...
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Pantser Mentality

I completed my first National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) novel in 2010. For the last nine years, I’ve ...
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What’s In a Name?

I’m often asked about the name IKantKoan. What does it mean? Where does it come from? Why, for ...
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