Hello! Welcome to IKantKoan.

We imagine and create interactive experiences for seriously curious people.

play/s n.

  1. Playable, immersive experiences that level up our lives. 

Our Work

Games for the gutsy.

"Imagine a TED Talk that turns into an interactive adventure… that dares [audiences] to leave their comfort zone."

~ The New York Times

An immersive, interactive, and *highly* metaphysical philosophy salon.

A Seriously Playful Approach

Play-Based Design

From ideation to implementation, we work with curious, high-vision folks to create playful, purpose driven work. 

For a glimpse of playful practice in action, check out IKantKoan founder Jessica Creane’s TEDx talk on Embracing Uncertainty through Play.


Design, Play and Process Blog


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Pantser Mentality

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What’s In a Name?

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