The Beetle in a Box

Design by Jessica Creane | Graphics by Nichole Mottershead

Social deduction in a poetic muddle

The human mind is unverifiable. We only ever directly experience our own, private thoughts. With that in mind, how well can you communicate a series of concrete and abstract concepts to a partner using only simile and metaphor? Moreover, do you trust them to tell you if they got it wrong?

According to philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951), language does little more than distort our understanding of the world. With this game, your goal is to embrace the poetic muddle of language by clearly communicating with your partner/s through indirect communication.

  • Tabletop
  • ~6 minutes per player
  • 5 – ∞ minutes


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Anarcardy | The Beetle in a Box | Banal Truth or Dare

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The Beetle in a Box | Paradigm Shift for Lemons | Schrodinger’s Cat

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