Writer/Designer: Jessica Creane
Game Designer/Developer: Jake O’Brien

Game Designer/Developer: Shawn Pierre

Art Director: Amy Hua
Production/Developer: Steve Tiseo

We know. You’ve heard the story. But have you been the story?

R&J casts you and a mysterious stranger as Shakespeare’s impetuous, star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet. This multi-day immersive experience plays out via mobile app and pairs two audience members on a five-day journey through the plot of Romeo and Juliet. With real-time messaging, interactive fiction, and mini-games ranging from dancing at a masquerade to crafting marriage vows and deciphering cryptic messages from your partner, R&J invites players to form a real-life bond with a real-life co-player.

Romeo & Juliet has long played a role in our collective expectations of love, conflict, fate, and political factions. We’ve seen the story play out at theaters, in movies, and on TV. We’ve likely imagined ourselves as Romeo and Juliet but what would we actually do with an opportunity to connect deeply with a stranger whose background and loyalties are completely unknown to us?

R&J runs September 9 – October 2 in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. Each game lasts five days. 

Thus with a text…we play!  💞📱

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