Know Thyself Key Image

Know Thyself

Writer/Performer: Jessica Creane
Sound Design: Chris Sannino

Game Graphic Design, Production Assistant: Nichole Mottershead

A revealing, immersive theater experience that had me wrestling with my ego. Creane’s work has left an enduring mark on me.”

– The Broad Street Review

KNOW THYSELF is an interactive, immersive museum tour of the 100% real Museum of Philosophy. Each exhibit in the museum takes the form of a social, multiplayer, party game exploring a particular philosophical approach to life.

Exhibits change from tour to tour and include the likes of Aristotle, Siddhārtha Gautama, Hannah Arendt, Philippa Foot, Charles Mills, and Erwin Schrödinger. No advance knowledge of philosophy required. That’s what tour guides are for.

KNOW THYSELF is capped at 24 people per run to maintain peak intimacy in this darkly comedic journey to discover if participants know themselves – and others – as well as they think they do. In this gamified philosophy salon the rules we live by- and their consequences- are always in play.


This production was supported by Kismet Co-work and The Barn Arts Hamilton Project Residency.


Special Thanks

Thanks to the Philosophers, Playtesters, and Organizations that helped to make this museum a reality.

Alex Mottershead, Justin Kalef, Stacey Ake, Pete Amato, Andrew Payne and Tom Handler of the GPPC, Denise M Vigani, Tavis Timmerman, Jeff Sebo, the Barn Arts Hamilton Project crew- Patrice Miller, Janelle Lawrence, Sarah Paton, Kimberleigh Costanzo, Katie Chelena, Dominique Rider, Amalia Adiv, Sophia Zukoski, Janoah Bailin, Charlotte Lund, and Andrew Simon, The Philly Game Mechanics, Shawn Pierre, Jake O’Brien, Tommy Maranges, Adam Nash, Kismet Cowork, Tufas Boulder Lounge, Drexel U, Amy Blumberg, Evelyn Langley, Emma Boorboor, Julian Boggs, Michael Edmiston, Jilly Schwab, Lou Huang, Aislinn Pentecost-Farren, Corey Chao, Evelyn Swift Schuker, Greg, Tome Wilson, Chris Silansky, Kat Hinkel, Ricky Brigante, Sarah Elger, Greg Loring-Albright, Kelly Johnson, Andrew Block, Douglas Barre, Bob Laine, Edward Einhorn, Emily Hartford, Jesse Rosbrow, Gyda Arber, Daryl Lathon, Foley and Felicite, Linus Gelber, Max Woertendyke, Kate August, Kati Frazier, Janelle Derstine, Julius Solatorio, Mike Fellner, Devin Preston, Iris Seaman, Caitlin Antram, Michaela Moore, Jeff Frankel, Jeff’s friend, Julius Solatorio, Mike Fellner, Sasha, Liz, and Megan.