Consultations on Games and Products

Thinking about gamifying your product or development process? IKantKoan brings playful, systems-thinking to teams and projects seeking a generative boost. This includes workshops and seminars to inspire teams to develop a more profound understanding of themselves, their teammates, and the product or service they’re working on.

IKantKoan’s workshops are not your typical team bonding experience. Workshops challenge each individual member of a team to dig deep into what they value, how they communicate, what drives them, and how they function on a team. Workshops are perfect for new teams seeking to lay playful, collaborative foundations to foster creativity and community in the work to come, or teams who have been working together for a while and are looking to shake up their routines and relationships.

Product consultation entails personalized analysis and exploration of a company offering to identify the source of play in your most meaningful work and provide a framework so you and your team can move forward with confidence and clarity.